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You’ve entered the virtual showroom, where you can compare bagpipes, hear bagpipe and smallpipe demos, and chat for help. We’re so glad you’re here! Shopping for pipes is exciting, whether it’s your first Highland bagpipe or a new smallpipe. Look, listen, and explore in the showroom to find your ideal instrument. We have 150 sets of bagpipes and smallpipes in stock, so there’s a lot to see. You can filter to narrow your picks, and save to compare your favorites. We love talking about pipes in our brick-and-mortar showroom and right here. Have a quick question about bagpipes? Click the chat icon. Want to have a discussion about how to set up your first set? Give us a call. We are here to help and happy to be one of your piping resources.

Mouthblown Fred Morrison Reelpipes in "A" - Border Pipes with Drone Switch (Coming soon. Pre-order now!)

  • Blackwood construction
  • Alloy mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Imitation ivory drone tops
  • 3 Drones - Bass, Tenor, and Alto
  • Drone switch
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • ...
Available on backorder SKU:FM-RP-MB $2,299.00

Boderiou XB5 Bagpipes with Engraving

Something different. Love the scrollwork pattern of the Boderiou engraving!
In Stock now SKU:XB5 $1,999.00

Boderiou XB3 Bagpipes

Highland bagpipe from the Brittany region of France.
In Stock now SKU:XB3 $1,749.00

Boderiou Uilleann Practice Pipes with Bellows

Beautiful "practice" pipes with stop key will help start your Uilleann adventure
Available on backorder SKU:XB-UPP $2,049.00

Piper's Choice Bellows Smallpipes in A

Warm, enveloping sound. Ezeedrone reeds.
In Stock now SKU:PC-BELLOWS $759.00

Piper's Choice Concert Smallpipes in A

Warm, enveloping sound. Ezeedrone reeds.
In Stock now SKU:PC-CONCERT $589.00

Naill DN2ABE Bagpipes - Blackwood Mounts & Thistle Engraving

Crisp engraving and wood mounts add definition to this stunning Naill set
Available on backorder SKU:DN2ABE-T $2,099.00

Deluxe Euro Case for Mouthblown Smallpipes

  • Modern Euro-Style plastic and aluminum construction
  • Sleek look
  • Sturdy design and hardware
  • 95° stop lid, so lid stays up when you want it to
  • ...
In Stock now SKU:DSPCEU $189.00

Naill DN2VE Vintage Style Bagpipes - Runic Engraving

Small aged vintage-style mounts set off the crisp engraving. This set looks like it has a story to tell--and write.
In Stock now SKU:DN2VE-RUV $2,099.00

Wallace Classic 5 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Rampant Lion

Rampant Lion! This is the only model with Rampant Lion engraving. Plus, Blackwood mounts.
In Stock now SKU:WBC05E-LION $1,649.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Blackwood Mounts - Celtic

*#1 Engraved Set* This wonderful McCallum instrument is the top pick for engraved bagpipes.
In Stock now SKU:AB4DBWC $1,549.00

McCallum AB2 Bagpipes with Imitation Horn Mounts

Imitation horn mounts add depth and variety to this lovely set. The projecting mounts are all imitation horn, without the familiar McCallum medallions.
Available on backorder SKU:AB2H $1,299.00

McCallum AB2 Deluxe Bagpipes

#2 Top Blackwood Pick! Timeless. Possibly the quintessential bagpipe look of the last century.
In Stock now SKU:AB2D $1,199.00

McCallum AB1 Deluxe Bagpipes with Mopani Wood Mounts

Cool Contrast! Mopani wood mounts add natural color to this popular wood-and-metal style
Available on backorder SKU:AB1DM $1,199.00

McCallum AB1 Deluxe Bagpipes

#1 Blackwood Bagpipe! The AB1D is an established customer favorite, and it's easy to see why.
Available on backorder SKU:AB1D $1,149.00

McCallum AB0 Bagpipes

Excellent, attractive starter set with the same sound quality as every other Blackwood McCallum bagpipe
In Stock now SKU:AB0 $1,099.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Imitation Ivory Mounts - Fire Dept.

Symbols of firefighting adorn this bagpipe, a tribute to those in the profession
In Stock now SKU:AB4DFD $1,499.00

McCallum AB4DFA Bagpipes: Full Engraved Alloy - Fire Dept.

Bright, fully-engraved set featuring firefighting symbols. The aluminum alloy keeps the set lighter than nickel or silver.
In Stock now SKU:AB4DFAFD $1,649.00

McCallum AB4DFA Series Bagpipes: Full Engraved Alloy - Celtic or Thistle

Brilliant! This set shines with engraved metalwork from chanter sole to ring cap.
In Stock now SKU:AB4DFAE $1,649.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Imitation Ivory Mounts - Celtic or Thistle

A great set for any piper and a core McCallum style, this set mixes engraving and imitation ivory
In Stock now SKU:AB4DE $1,499.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Blackwood Mounts - Police Dept.

"To Protect and Serve" is etched on the mounts, along with other symbols of this brave calling
Available on backorder SKU:AB4DBWPD $1,549.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Blackwood Mounts - Irish

Distinctive knotwork and subtle shamrocks are a beautiful combination
Available on backorder SKU:AB4DBWI $1,549.00

McCallum Modern Chalice Bagpipes

Refreshingly different, with streamlined, stylish elements and tapered chalice drone tops
Available on backorder SKU:ABS-CTM $1,299.00

McCallum AB4 Select - Special Edition

Beautiful balance. Engraved ferrules and ring caps are just the right touches on this well-balanced style.
Available on backorder SKU:AB4LE $1,399.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Blackwood Mounts - Fire Dept.

Engraving honors firefighters by showing the helmet, ladders, and hydrants these heroes use
Available on backorder SKU:AB4DWFD $1,549.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Mopani Mounts - Gold Celtic

All the bling! Gold-plating makes this style stand out from crowd, and the colors are warm and bright.
Available on backorder SKU:AB4DMGC $1,749.00

McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Mopani Mounts - Celtic

Eye-catching contrast! The rich tones of Blackwood and Mopani look outstanding on this popular wood and metal set.
Available on backorder SKU:AB4DMC $1,549.00

McCallum Student Edition with Blackwood Drones

Awesome value! This starter set provides the look and sound of Blackwood drones. Savings come from a simple design and Poly stocks, instead of Blackwood.
In Stock now SKU:ABS-SE $999.00

McCallum Bellows Smallpipes with Celtic Engraving - A/D Combination (ETA mid-April)

  • All Blackwood construction
  • Nickel mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Mopani drone tops
  • Engraved nickel mouthpiece accent
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty ...
In Stock now SKU:BBSPACOMB $2,099.00

McCallum Bellows Smallpipes with Celtic Engraving - with Drone Switch

  • All Blackwood construction
  • Nickel mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Mopani drone tops
  • Engraved nickel mouthpiece accent
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty ...
In Stock now SKU:BBSPA4 $1,799.00

Naill DN3 Bagpipes - All Imitation Ivory Mounts

Blackwood and creamy imitation ivory mounts make for a timeless style that doesn't require polishing.
Available on backorder SKU:DN3 $1,549.00

Naill DN2E Bagpipes - Thistle Engraving

The Thistle, the prickly emblem of Scotland, stands out boldly in this engraving, from chanter band to ring cap.
Available on backorder SKU:DN2E-T $1,899.00

Naill DN2E Bagpipes - Runic Engraving

Rounded Runic pattern adds Celtic style to this next-level DN2. Additional accents on mouthtube and chanter.
In Stock now SKU:DN2E-RU $1,899.00

Naill DN2E Bagpipes - Reposse Engraving

Crisp Celtic Knots. This is the popular DN2, enhanced with engraving and special touches, like a nickel band on the Poly chanter.
In Stock now SKU:DN2E-RE $1,899.00

Naill DN2ABE Bagpipes - Blackwood Mounts & Runic Engraving

Crisp engraving and wood mounts add definition to this stunning Naill set
In Stock now SKU:DN2ABE-RU $2,099.00

Naill DN2AB Bagpipes - Blackwood Mounts & Nickel

#1 Customer Favorite. This set with Blackwood projecting mounts is the top-selling Naill style, just ahead of the standard DN2.
In Stock now SKU:DN2AB $1,749.00

Naill DN2 Bagpipes - Nickel & Imitation Ivory

A Classic. The DN2 has creamy imitation ivory projecting mounts and beaded, polished nickel, along with nickel slides.
Available on backorder SKU:DN2 $1,499.00

Naill DN0 Bagpipes - Wood Button Mounts & Nickel

Premium value. Naill prestige and quality are easy to see on this accessibly priced bagpipe.
In Stock now SKU:DN0 $1,299.00

Naill DN5 Bagpipes - Engraved Silver & Blackwood Chanter - 5 Models

Stunning! Expert silverwork and a Blackwood chanter make this set shine in every way.
In Stock now SKU:DN5 Series $4,099.00

Naill DN4A-AB Bagpipes - Blackwood Mounts & Sterling Silver with Blackwood Chanter

Sophisticated Sterling and Blackwood make a perfect pair on this set. And the Blackwood pipe chanter adds polish to the sound.
In Stock now SKU:DN4A-AB $2,599.00

Naill DN4A Bagpipes - Sterling Silver & Blackwood Chanter

Elegant Sterling Silver. And a Blackwood chanter with a silver band. Enough said.
In Stock now SKU:DN4A $2,499.00

Naill New Vintage Bagpipes

Looks like is has a story but brand new for you!
Available on backorder SKU:DN3V-AG $1,699.00

Naill DN3ES Thistle - Engraved Silver & Blackwood Chanter

Superb slides. Hand-cut Thistle slides stand out against the aged imitation. Includes a beautiful Blackwood chanter with an engraved silver band.
Available on backorder SKU:DN3EST-AG $2,799.00

Naill DN3A Bagpipes - Imitation Ivory & Nickel Slides

Nickel slides! Just the right touch of nickel accentuates all the marbled imitation ivory fittings.
In Stock now SKU:DN3A $1,649.00

Naill DN6 Bagpipes - Full Engraved Silver - 4 Models

Majestic engraving. This ultimate silver set comes with a Blackwood chanter and an enduring elegance.
Available on backorder SKU:DN6 Series $6,999.00

EzeeDrone Uillean Pipe Drone Reeds in "D"

  • Key of "D"
  • Set of bass, baritone, and tenor
  • Pre-adjusted
  • Composite body
  • Plastic tongues
  • Stable and reliable
In Stock now SKU:EZD-UD $109.00

Gibson Ceilidh (Kay-Lee) Pipes in A - Poly

  • Full sound, pleasant volume
  • Key of A
  • Poly drones (bass, baritone, tenor)
  • Poly chanter
  • Brass accents on the drones
  • Poly blowpipe
  • ...
In Stock now SKU:KL3-POLY $799.00

Gibson Cocobolo Ceilidh (Kay-Lee) Pipes

  • Cocobolo drones
  • Poly chanter
  • Brass accents on the drones
  • Poly blowpipe
  • Synthetic pipe bag (one size fits all)
  • Reliable plastic reed set
  • ...
Available on backorder SKU:KL3 $899.00

McCallum Poly Mouthblown Small Pipes in "A" with Imitation Ivory Mounts

  • Durable, resonant Poly construction
  • Imitation ivory mounts, alloy mouthtube
  • Zippered pipe bag
  • Moose valve
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty drone reeds
  • Cane chanter reed
  • We supply a bonus ...
In Stock now SKU:MBSPA-PL2 $999.00

McCallum Blackwood Smallpipes in "A" with Celtic Engraving

  • Blackwood construction
  • Nickel mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Mopani drone tops
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty drone reeds
  • Cane chanter reed
  • Blackwood Fred ...
In Stock now SKU:MBSPA3 $1,399.00

McCallum Blackwood Folk Pipes with Mopani & Alloy

  • Blackwood drones and blowpipe
  • Mopani and alloy mounts
  • Poly stocks
  • Poly chanter
  • Key of "A"
  • Deluxe cane chanter reed ...
Available on backorder SKU:MCFP-AB $999.00

McCallum Poly Folk Pipes

  • Durable Poly construction
  • Key of "A"
  • Deluxe cane chanter reed for smallpipes*
  • Ezeedrone drone reeds
  • Synthetic zippered pipe bag
  • Bag cover as supplied by ...
In Stock now SKU:MCFP $899.00

McCallum P4 Poly Bagpipes with Celtic Engraving

Can you even tell this is Poly? Dressed up with Celtic engraving, you won't sacrifice style with bagpipe.
In Stock now SKU:MPP4C $1,199.00

McCallum P3 Poly Bagpipes with Imitation Ivory

A top customer pick. Not only is this hard-wearing Poly set ready for your next performance, the imitation ivory mounts don't need polishing.
In Stock now SKU:MPP3 $899.00

McCallum P2 Poly Bagpipes with Alloy & Imitation Ivory

In the Top 10. An unmistakable classic look, with Poly strength. Band-worthy and parade-ready.
In Stock now SKU:MPP2 $899.00

McCallum P1 Poly Bagpipes with Alloy

Meet the top-selling Poly set! It has a great look, solid performance, and can go anywhere.
In Stock now SKU:MPP1 $849.00

McCallum P0 All Black Poly Bagpipes

Great starter set or second set! Hugely popular bagpipe that sounds the same as all other McCallum Poly sets.
In Stock now SKU:MPP0 $799.00

Dunbar P3 Poly Bagpipes

Traditional look, great sound, and no metal to polish
In Stock now SKU:P3 $1,049.00

Dunbar P2 Poly Bagpipes

Top Dunbar style! Classic imitation ivory and metal mix, with Poly strength and lifetime warranty
In Stock now SKU:P2 $1,099.00

Dunbar P1 Poly Bagpipes

Chalice tops and plain-turned drones, a long-time Poly favorite
In Stock now SKU:P1 $899.00

Peter Henderson PH1 Bagpipes with Imitation Ivory Mounts - Celtic

Celtic & Classic. A gorgeous set with lots of engraving.
In Stock now SKU:PH1C $1,549.00

Peter Henderson PH0 Bagpipes with Engraved Slides - Celtic

Full imitation ivory style, with tasteful Celtic slides
In Stock now SKU:PH0C $1,449.00

Peter Henderson PH2 Bagpipes with Blackwood Mounts & Engraved Nickel - 2 Models

Popular Blackwood mounts with lots of engraved nickel
Product availability varies SKU:PH2E $1,599.00

Peter Henderson PH2AC Bagpipes with Blackwood Mounts & Antiqued Celtic Nickel

An antiqued finish adds emphasis to the Celtic engraving on this beautiful set
Available on backorder SKU:PH2AC $1,649.00

Peter Henderson PH1 Bagpipes with Imitation Ivory Mounts - Thistle

Imitation Ivory mounts and lots of Thistle engraving are a winning combination
In Stock now SKU:PH1T $1,549.00

Peter Henderson Heritage Bagpipes with Boxwood and Antique Thistle

Going for vintage vibes? Take a look at this Heritage set with light wood mounts and special-edition Thistle engraving.
In Stock now SKU:PH1HT $1,999.00

Peter Henderson PH5 Bagpipes with Hand-Engraved Silver - Thistle

Beautiful hand engraved sterling silver enhances this very fine Peter Henderson bagpipe. The timeless Thistle pattern makes this an enduring heirloom-quality instrument.
Available on backorder SKU:PH5HT $4,300.00

Gibson Polypenco Firesides with Brass - A or B Flat

  • Durable Poly instrument
  • Can go anywhere, including across international borders without issue
  • No slender wood tuning pins
  • Very nice look with brass accents
  • ...
Available on backorder SKU:R103-PPB $749.00

Gibson Cocobolo Firesides in "B flat" - 2 Models

  • Wood drones for optimum sound
  • Durable Poly stocks and blowpipe
  • Poly chanter
  • Easy individual drone shut-off
  • Synthetic pipe bag
  • Full set of long-lasting ...
In Stock now SKU:R103 in B $849.00

Gibson Cocobolo Firesides in "A" - 2 Models

  • Wood drones for optimum sound
  • Durable Poly stocks and blowpipe
  • Poly chanter
  • Synthetic pipe bag (one size fits all)
  • Full set of long-lasting plastic ...
In Stock now SKU:R103 in A $849.00

Gibson R111 Bagpipes with Imitation Horn Mounts

This style has rustic, historic charm and features smooth Blackwood and authentic-looking faux horn
In Stock now SKU:R111H $1,499.00

Gibson R111 Bagpipes

Simplicity shines on this quietly elegant bagpipe with plain-turned drones
In Stock now SKU:R111 $1,349.00

Gibson R110D Bagpipes with Imitation Horn

The horn look on these mounts adds character and distinction to a traditional style
Available on backorder SKU:R110DH $1,849.00

Gibson R110D Bagpipes

Polish less with stainless steel ferrules and slides on this handsome Blackwood set
In Stock now SKU:R110D $1,699.00

Peter Henderson Limited Edition Bagpipes

Style and value! Special edition made for Henderson's. Engraved ferrules, imitation ivory mounts.
In Stock now SKU:RGPHLEC $1,399.00

RG Hardie Poly P01 Bagpipes with Infinity Chanter

Stable Poly set that's easy to maintain, includes Adjusti-Stik blowpipe and Infinity chanter.
In Stock now SKU:RGHP01 $999.00

MacLellan Antique-Style Cocobolo Bagpipes

All-wood richness. Mellow Cocobolo drones and Blackwood accents are paired for a natural elegance.
Available on backorder SKU:RMB-AN $1,899.00

MacLellan 3-Drone Delrin Studio Pipes in B Flat

  • Durable Delrin construction
  • Key of B Flat
  • 3-drones: Bass, Baritone, Tenor
  • Single drone stock
  • Hemped joints
  • Medium zippered Bannatyne synthetic bag
  • Bannatyne bottle water ...
Available on backorder SKU:RMDSB3 $825.00

MacLellan Waterloo Bagpipes

Inspired by history. The Waterloo features lovely chalice tops and Hard Maple accents.
In Stock now SKU:RMB-WA $1,699.00

MacLellan Skye Bagpipes with Engraved Slides

Something special. Beautifully contoured drones and hand-engraved aluminum slides make this set stand out.
Available on backorder SKU:RMB-SK $1,799.00

MacLellan Artisan Classic with Hard Maple & Aluminum

Look closely. This set uses Hard Maple to look like ivory for a fresh take on a classic "#2 style" half-mounted bagpipe.
In Stock now SKU:RMB-OR2 $2,199.00

MacLellan Original Bagpipes with Hard Maple & Engraving

Specialty set. Unique hand-engraved ferrules with a Thistle badge design and beautiful Hard Maple accents.
Available on backorder SKU:RMB-OR $2,299.00

Shepherd S2N Bagpipes

Tried and true. Nice look with nickel slides, and Tone Enhancers are included.
Available on backorder SKU:S2N $1,399.00

Shepherd S2 Bagpipes

Enduring classic. The S2 has a loyal following, and it comes with bonus Tone Enhancers.
In Stock now SKU:S2 $1,299.00

Shepherd S3 Bagpipes

Bonus Tone Enhancers and a a bagpipe steeped in the Shepherd tradition.
Available on backorder SKU:S3 $1,299.00

MacRae SL4 Engraved Bagpipes by McCallum & Stuart Liddell

This best-selling MacRae model has vintage-inspired Thistle engraving on the ferrules, slides, and ringcaps
In Stock now SKU:SL4 $1,599.00

MacRae SL3 Bagpipes by McCallum & Stuart Liddell

Simplicity and sound are combined in this subtle reproduction of a vintage set
Available on backorder SKU:SL3 $1,349.00

MacRae SL1 Bagpipes by McCallum & Stuart Liddell

On trend. Blackwood mounts and champion sound, all at an inviting value.
Available on backorder SKU:SL1 $1,299.00

Shepherd Blackwood Smallpipes - Key of "A" or "D"

  • Plain-turned African Blackwood drones
  • Imitation ivory projecting mounts and ring caps
  • Bass, baritone, and tenor drones
  • Shepherd synthetic single-blade drone reeds
  • Shepherd synthetic smallpipe ...
Product availability varies SKU:SSP $1,099.00

Wallace Classic 5 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Runic

All Blackwood and engraved metal! It's the style of choice for many pipers. Have a look at this set.
In Stock now SKU:WBC05E-R $1,649.00

Wallace Classic 5 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Dot Knot

Celtic Knots, Blackwood Mounts, a distiguished look and a top-notch Wallace set.
In Stock now SKU:WBC05E-DK $1,649.00

Wallace Classic 4 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Wallace Pattern

Stand-out engraving! Take a closer look at this distinctive Wallace pattern.
In Stock now SKU:WBC04EM-W $1,549.00

Wallace Classic 4 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Runic

The engraving pattern has Celtic symbols against a background of etched lines.
Available on backorder SKU:WBC04EM-R $1,549.00

Wallace Classic 4 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Dot Knot

Bagrock to ballroom, this style goes anywhere. The sophisticated pattern is also the basis for the Red Hot Chilli Pipers engraving.
Available on backorder SKU:WBC04EM-DK $1,549.00

Wallace Classic 2 Bagpipes with Nickel & Imitation Ivory

A top Wallace set! Upgraded marbled imitation ivory adds depth to this timeless look.
In Stock now SKU:WBC02M $1,249.00

Wallace Classic 1 Bagpipes with Nickel

Very nice set. Nickel, button mounts, and hand-finished Blackwood.
Available on backorder SKU:WBC01 $1,199.00

Wallace Classic 5 Bagpipes with Engraved Nickel - Wallace Pattern

Fancy in just the right way! The engraving is tastefully ornate and looks striking next to Blackwood mounts.
Available on backorder SKU:WBC05E-W $1,649.00