Warranty Help

Some products are covered by warranty. If you have a warranty concern about a product you purchased at Henderson’s, please contact us. We can confirm whether the item is under warranty and assist you in having it replaced or repaired, according to the manufacturer’s policy. We will help to make the process convenient and efficient for you.

Bagpipe Warranty Issues

Do you have a cracked part? Don’t worry! Most bagpipes are covered by a 2-10 year warranty. We can verify whether your set is covered and help get a replacement part. Please send a photo, so we can see the damage and confirm the model. If you purchased the pipes from Henderson’s, we’ll make sure you can still play your pipes, if we don’t have a matching part to send from stock.

Warranty Return Shipping

If your item was purchased in the last 90 days, we will supply a pre-paid shipping label for your product return. We will also cover outgoing shipping charges on a replacement or repaired item.

If it has been more than 90 days since the purchase, please ship the item to us. We will pay outgoing shipping charges on a replacement or repaired item.

Warranty Determination

Warranty replacement and repair may be subject to manufacturer verification. Naturally, warranties do not cover normal wear-and-tear or misuse.