Bagpipe Promise

Your Bagpipe

Every bagpipe purchase is special and exciting! And there is a lot to consider as you choose a style and setup. We love connecting you with your perfect set. We’re here to help!

Our Promise

We promise to uphold the highest standard of service when helping you select and purchase your new bagpipe, by honoring the commitments that have long guided us.

  • Provide only quality instruments made in Scotland, England, Canada, and the United States
  • Discuss bagpipe options, features, and components until all of your questions have been answered
  • Stock a wide array of models for quick delivery
  • Offer multiple payment options to make instruments accessible
  • Set up the instrument to your unique needs and specifications
  • Follow our 24-point inspection and setup checklist
  • Test all bagpipes and smallpipes prior to shipment
  • Package all pipes for safe transit
  • Deliver an instrument ready to be played and ready to support your piping goals
  • Provide support and information to help you with your new pipes
  • Handle warranty events promptly and efficiently

We want you to be delighted with your bagpipes!

See how new pipes are packaged and get tips for handling your new instrument

24-Point Bagpipe Checklist

Each bagpipe is professionally setup and tested. We start with a careful inspection and follow with an established setup process. Finally, we test with a full play until the reeds settle and final adjustments can be made. We’ve used this process to set up thousands of instruments for happy pipers.

  1. Inspect all instrument pieces
  2. Ensure all mounts, ferrules, ring caps, and bushings are secure
  3. Create blowpipe length to fit piper
  4. Check blowpipe valve for full seal
  5. Test adjustable blowpipe (when applicable)
  6. Assemble pieces and apply hemp as needed
  7. Hand-select pipe chanter reed to match chosen strength
  8. Fit and seat drone reeds
  9. Install pipe bag
  10. Install and check airflow through watertrap (when applicable)
  11. Lubricate pipe bag zipper (when applicable)
  12. Prime/Season pipe bag (when applicable)
  13. Install moisture control and drone valves (when applicable)
  14. Fit cords securely with appropriate spacing
  15. Check bag cover zip
  16. Fit cover on pipe bag
  17. Set drone reeds to pipe chanter reed strength
  18. Make sure drones tune to proper position on the pins
  19. Balance and set to standard playing pitch of 476-480 hz
  20. Re-check all hemped joints for fit and function
  21. Check bag airtightness
  22. Disinfect
  23. Package securely with individually wrapped drones
  24. Triple-check all contents