Reed Charts

Pipe Chanter Reeds

We select pipe chanter reeds with care and keep them in a stable, monitored, and safely humidified environment, to provide you with quality reeds that support your best piping.

BrandMade InNotesPopular Easy StrengthBladeStapleSandable
UKGreat Easy reedYesStandard eased edgeSeamless brassYes
UKBrighter, sharper than AbedourRidge cutSeamless BrassNo
Ezee UKPrecision cut, pre-packaged SlopeFolded copperYes
G1 OriginalUKGreat all-around reedYesRidge cutSeamless brassNo
G1 Platinum
UKHigher, brighter than originalRidge cutSeamless brass No
Apps Straight Cut
USAMidwest regional popularitySlopeFolded copperYes
AUSlightly flatter, great for B Flat setupsSlopeSeamless brassYes
MacLellan UKHigh-end solo reedSlopeFolded copperYes
MacPhee UKUsed by top competitors, great with Naill woodSlopeFolded copperYes
Megarity USAFull band sound, great with Peter Henderson woodRidge cutSeamless brass No
USASolid band and solo reed, used worldwideRidge cut Seamless brass No
UKTrusted band reed, go-to choice, benchmark qualityYesSlopeSeamless brass Yes
Ridge Cut
UKLighter than some other ridge cut stylesRidge CutSeamless brass No
B Flat
UKIdeal for B Flat setups and vintage chantersSlopeSeamless brassYes
UKGreat go-to reed, widely compatible, popular band choiceYesRidge CutFolded copperNo

Practice Chanter Reeds

Practice chanter reeds can be divided into 2 main types: narrow blade and wide blade. Narrow blade reeds tend to pair well with UK-made practice chanters, and they to be quieter and difficult to underblow. Wide blade reeds have a more robust sound and are difficult to overblow or shut off.

Narrow Blades: Abedour, G1, Q1, Frazer Warnock
Wide Blades: Abbott, Gibson

Practice ChanterTop PickOther Good Reeds
Dunbar Poly Child’sQ1Abedour, G1, Frazer Warnock
Dunbar Poly RegularQ1Abedour, G1, Frazer Warnock
Dunbar Poly Long Q1Abedour, Abbott, Gibson, Frazer Warnock
Gibson Poly RegGibsonAbedour, Abbott, Q1, Frazer Warnock
Gibson Poly LongGibsonAbedour, Abbott, Frazer Warnock
Gibson WoodGibsonAbbott, Frazer Warnock
Hardie Poly RegFrazer WarnockAbedour, G1, Q1
Hardie Poly LongFrazer WarnockAbedour, Abbott, G1, Gibson, Q1
MacLellan WoodAbbottGibson, Q1
McCallum Poly Child’sFrazer WarnockAbedour, G1, Q1
McCallum Poly RegFrazer WarnockG1, Gibson, Q1
McCallum Poly LongFrazer WarnockAbedour, Abbott, G1, Gibson, Q1
McCallum WoodFrazer WarnockAbedour, Abbott, G1, Gibson, Q1
Naill Poly RegAbedourG1, Gibson, Q1, Frazer Warnock
Naill Poly LongFrazer WarnockAbedour, Abbott, G1, Gibson, Q1
Naill WoodAbbottGibson, Q1, Frazer Warnock
Piper’s ChoiceQ1Abedour, G1, Gibson, Frazer Warnock
Wallace PolyFrazer WarnockAbedour, G1, Q1
Frazer Warnock ChildFrazer Warnock Abedour, G1, Q1
Frazer Warnock PolyFrazer Warnock Abedour, G1, Q1