Yes, we have Layaway! Dreaming of the perfect pipes but need to save up? Our popular no-fee, no-risk layaway may be just what you need. Layaway plans offer smaller payments on your preferred schedule to help with your bagpipe, smallpipe, drum, or uniform purchase.

Layaway Plan Features

  • No fees
  • Small minimum down payment
  • Choose your payment start date
  • For purchases $500 – $3000
  • Choose monthly or bi-weekly payments on purchases of $1000 or more
  • Pay the full balance at any time
  • Receive a full refund if you need to cancel
  • Product shipped after payment in full

Henderson’s Layaway Program

Simple payment plans make your purchase easy. When you order, we will send a payment schedule for you. We are happy to work with you on special requests, like charging the card on a certain date each month.

Order TotalLayaway
ScheduleEqual Payments
$500-$999.99 3 Months$100Monthly3 Payments
$1000-$30006 Months$200Monthly6 Payments
$1000-$30006 Months$200Bi-Weekly12 Payments

Totals include normal tax and shipping. Items must be normal stock items, not special orders.

Layaway Examples

Here are some sample bagpipe layaways. We can help you preview and compare plans on your favorite instrument.

Sample ItemTotal Down
Schedule Pays Amount
Poly Bagpipe$929 + $28.95=
$1003 MonthsMonthly3 $285.98
$1329 + $34.95=

$2006 MonthsMonthly 6 $193.99
$1329 + $34.95=
$2006 MonthsBi-Weekly12 $96.99

Layaway FAQ

Which items can I put on Layaway?

Stock items from $500-$3000 are eligible for layaway, which covers most bagpipes, smallpipes, drums, and Highland wear outfits. Layaway is not for custom items (like kilts), unadvertised products, or items that indicate special order.

How do I start a Layaway?

It’s as easy as a phone call. Tell us which items you would like to order, and we will accept the downpayment and provide plan details. We’ll hold the items here, just for you.

Can I choose a larger down payment?

Absolutely! The plans are made to be flexible and easy for you. Start with the amount that works for you. The balance will be divided according to the layaway length and payment frequency to calculate the payment amounts.

How are payments made?

Most people choose to have payments charged to a credit card. When you start the Layaway, you’ll receive a payment schedule. We keep track of the dates for you and send a reminder 1 business day before we will be processing a payment. We will send an email receipt to confirm the approval. Call any time you want to make an early or additional payment, and we can process and apply it.

What if a payment is declined or missed?

No worries. There is a 5-day grace period to sort things out. And if the payment cannot be processed, we just put the items back to stock. There’s no charge, and all of your successful payments will be refunded promptly to your card. We understand that things come up, and we will be here when you’re ready to make a purchase or use Layaway again.

When will I receive my items?

We will ship your order as soon as full payment has been received. You’ll be notified of shipment, so you know to expect the package.

May I pay off my Layaway early?

Of course! Whenever you are ready to pay the full balance, we can complete the order. If you have been advised that part of your order was out of stock, we could still be waiting on something, but we can update you when you call.