About Henderson Imports

Helpful People. Awesome Gear. Real Store.

Yes, Henderson’s is about bagpipes, but there’s so much more. Above all, we’re here to help! We believe in being a reliable resource at every level of your piping or drumming. Our team includes a highly accomplished piper and smart and experienced customer service agents. Because we stock the products we sell, we have loads of firsthand product knowledge that we are happy to share. Your goals mean a lot to us, and we will do our best to support you in achieving them. At Henderson’s, we love what we do, and you make it possible. Thank you so much.

Henderson Imports, Since 1997

My father, James Henderson Moore, began Henderson Imports in 1997, combining his love of piping and his professional experience. His commitment to stocking bagpipes and supplies, providing excellent service, and looking ahead helped the business grow. He established a helpful, customer-centered business, and built a team to carry his vision forward. After 20 years, he retired, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue with a company, coworkers, and customers that mean so much to my family.


When she was 2 years old, my daughter began calling everyone at Henderson’s the “Henderfriends.” And the name has stuck. It describes what we are to each other, and captures the trustworthy, helpful, and professional support we care about offering to you.

Henderson’s in Traverse City & Beyond

If you’re visiting gorgeous Northern Michigan, stop by for a bagpipe service, shop the showroom, or pick up the piping and drumming supplies you need from our warehouse, stocked with more than 30,000 items. You can also try on Highland Wear for the perfect fit. In the past, Henderson’s traveled to Highland Games. More recently, we attended events like Winter Storm Piping and Drumming Workshop and Competition in Kansas City, MO.