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Piper’s Choice Bellows Smallpipes in A

Brand: Piper's ChoiceSKU: PC-BELLOWS


Piper's Choice Bellows Smallpipes in A

The popularity of bellows smallpipes continues to grow. The Piper's Choice bellows set is an accessible instrument, ready for success, and without a waitlist. Ezeedrone drone reeds add richness and stability and blend well with the refined plastic chanter reed. The bass, baritone, and tenor drones balance beautifully. With the hassle-free reeds, you'll be able to focus on your bellows technique. The bellows has moderate resistance and qualifies as "better" on the spectrum of  good--better--best. This package includes a simple carry case for the pipes, while the bellows must be carried separately.


Features of the Piper's Choice Bellows Smallpipes:

  • Durable Poly construction
  • Key of "A"
  • Padded leather and wood bellows
  • Single stock with bass, baritone, and tenors drones
  • Tailor-made Ezeedrone drone reeds for warm drone sound
  • Bannatyne Extended Small pipe bag (non-zippered)
  • Zippered black velvet bag cover
  • Carry bag for pipes only (bellows unit doesn't fit)
  • Made in Canada
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