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MacRae SL4 Engraved Bagpipes by McCallum & Stuart Liddell

Brand: MacRae Bagpipes by McCallumSKU: SL4


The Duncan MacRae SL4 is the heart of the series, with a special Thistle engraving on ferrules, slides, and ring caps. The MacRae series of bagpipes are reproductions based on Stuart Liddell's own rare set. McCallum precisely replicated Stuart's antique instrument, down to the different sized tenor tops. Although made by McCallum, MacRae sets are tonally distinct, with a stronger bass sound and a uniquely blended drone effect. The result is a modern vintage instrument suited to a champion. Made in Scotland by McCallum.

Features of the MacRae SL4 Bagpipes:

  • Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood
  • Imitation ivory projecting mounts
  • MacRae Thistle engraved ferrules, slides, and ring caps
  • Middle tenor top ferrule is marked with an "M"
  • Brass-lined Blackwood blowpipe
  • Mouthpiece with imitation ivory bulb and engraved alloy sleeve
  • McCallum Polypenco pipe chanter
  • Unique serial number in bass top cord groove
  • Authentication tag signed by Stuart Liddell
Why Choose Henderson's?

You'll receive a ready-to-play bagpipe, built to support your success. We include a complete modern set up with special touches, like a premium bag cover with zipper access and a crisp-looking end closure. We'll make sure your bagpipe fits you, professionally install the components you choose, and play the finished instrument to ensure you're delighted. It's all part of our Bagpipe Promise and Inspection Checklist. Have questions? We're here to help!

Included Components

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EzeeDrone Drone Reeds

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Black Silk Cord

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Deluxe Black Grip Cover with Black Fringe

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No Moisture Control System with Drone Valves

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Bannatyne Synthetic Bag with Zipper - Medium

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