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Bellows Scottish Smallpipes by Fred Morrison – Celtic Engraving & Drone Switch

Brand: Fred Morrison, McCallum BagpipesSKU: BBSPA4


Bellows Scottish Smallpipes by Fred Morrison - Celtic Engraving & Drone Switch

Bellows Scottish Smallpipe by Fred Morrison sound terrific, look beautiful, and come with an abundance of deluxe features: a cane chanter reed, specialty Ezeedrone drone reeds, a Blackwood chanter, and premium bellows. The pipes are ornamented with engraved nickel and Mopani drone accents. There are 3 drones--a bass, a baritone, and a tenor--all coming from a single stock. The adapter that connects the pipes and the bellows is sturdy and thoughtfully designed. The top-quality bellows are comfortable and efficient. This model also includes a switch to turn the drones off for performance on the chanter alone and to bring the drones in cleanly. The switch is also helpful if you're accustomed to playing a mouthblown instrument, allowing you a chance to work with the chanter before bringing all of the drones into the system. Developed with Fred Morrison. Made by McCallum Bagpipes in Scotland.

Features of Bellows Blown Scottish Smallpipes in A:
  • All Blackwood construction
  • Nickel mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Mopani drone tops
  • Engraved nickel mouthpiece accent
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty drone reeds
  • Cane chanter reed
  • Fred Morrison Blackwood chanter
  • Custom velvet bag cover
  • Drone switch
  • Premium bellows
  • Padded bellows and arm strap
  • Made by McCallum Bagpipes

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