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Gibson Cocobolo Firesides in “A” – 2 Models

Brand: Gibson BagpipesSKU: R103 in A


Gibson Cocobolo Firesides in A

Firesides in the key of "A" are most compatible with guitars, fiddles and whistles. If you're thinking about playing  in a Celtic Folk group, the "A" model is your best choice.  The "A" chanter has a slightly wider finger spread on the lower notes than the "Bflat." Firesides are our top-selling smallpipes and have earned this title for their appearance, ease of maintenance, and quality Gibson tone. If you already play the Great Highland Pipes, you will find transitioning to the Firesides relatively easy. A baritone drone, instead of the second tenor on the Highland pipes, adds another dimension of sound.  The Firesides are a great value!  Made in the U.S.A.

Features of the Gibson Firesides:

  • Wood drones for optimum sound
  • Durable Poly stocks and blowpipe
  • Poly chanter
  • Synthetic pipe bag (one size fits all)
  • Full set of long-lasting plastic reeds
  • Bag cover (color as supplied by Gibson)
  • Silk cord
  • Choose from Plain Cocobolo and Cocobolo with Brass
  • Change the key: Purchase a "B flat" Firesides chanter and reed set, and you'll have an "Bflat" set, too.
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