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Boderiou Half Set Uilleann Pipes with Bellows

Brand: Boderiou BagpipesSKU: XB-U12


Boderiou Uilleann Half Set with Bellows

Boderiou Uilleann pipes have a truly special, small-batch character and gorgeous sound. These pipes are lovely Blackwood instruments, with brass accents and artistic touches of engraving. A stop key on the chanter and a clean on/off drone switch give the player choice and versatility. A musician, innovator, and craftsman, Xavier Boderiou has developed these instruments to play and function beautifully, with a signature visual style. Like the instruments, the reeds and bag are made by Xavier, so they all work together to create the warm, rich tone. A quality bellows unit is included to complete this wonderful package. Once you master this set, you can have regulators added to make it a Full Set. The fingering for Uilleann pipes differs from Highland pipes, so there is an adjustment if you are a Highland piper.  Made by Xavier Boderiou in France.

Features of Boderiou Uilleann Half Set:

  • Blackwood Uilleann half set
  • Accents are brass and creamy, grained imitation ivory
  • Blackwood keyless chanter
  • Imitation ivory chanter stop
  • Brass resonators on tenor and baritone drones add volume and richness
  • Beautiful brass bass resonator with Celtic engraving
  • Clean on/off drone switch with Celtic detail
  • Boderiou Uilleann pipe chanter reed
  • Boderiou Uilleann drone reeds
  • Boderiou hide bag (color varies)
  • Rubber bellows connector won't crimp
  • Premium padded bellows
  • Artisan craftsmanship

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