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Boderiou Uilleann Practice Pipes with Bellows

Brand: Boderiou BagpipesSKU: XB-UPP


Boderiou Uilleann Practice Set with Bellows

Looking to start Uilleann piping? This Uilleann practice set is what you need. An instrument in itself, the "practice" pipe helps pipers  master the Uilleann chanter fingering and style. There are no drones or regulators, but the sound of the chanter alone is warm and full. Even as a  practice pipe this set is a great complement to other instruments. Later, you can add components to make this a 1/2 Set or a Full Set. The fingering for Uilleann pipes differs from Highland pipes, so there is an adjustment if you are a Highland piper. The quality of the bellows unit is clear from the thick leather, padded arm rest, comfortable waist strap, and antiqued brass hardware. The Blackwood chanter is beautiful and substantial, with imitation ivory and brass accents. Made by Xavier Boderiou in France.

Features of Boderiou Uilleann Practice Pipes:

  • Blackwood chanter
  • Brass and imitation ivory accents
  • Stop key
  • Boderiou Uilleann pipe chanter reed
  • Boderiou hide bag (color varies)
  • Rubber bellows connector won't crimp
  • Premium padded leather bellows with beautiful, antiqued brass accents
  • Drones can be added later to make a 1/2 or full set

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