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Fred Morrison Uilleann Pipes Half Set

Brand: Fred MorrisonSKU: FM-UP-12SET


Fred Morrison Uilleann Pipes Half Set

The uilleann half-set is a gorgeous instrument, in looks and sound. The drones add depth and richness, and for many, this variation will deliver the full playing experience they aspire to. For those who ultimately wish to add regulators, this set can later be sent to Fred Morrison for an upgrade. Of course, another option is purchasing a full set, complete with regulators, from the start. This set comes with a large stock plug to make it extra-versatile. You can remove the drones as you master the practice pipe or to streamline the instrument for travel or a gig. The set comes with a specialty Fred Morrison case and all reeds. Made in Scotland.

Features of Fred Morrison Uilleann Half Set 
  • Set up by Fred Morrison
  • Blackwood drones
  • Imitation ivory and chrome-plated brass accents
  • Blackwood Uilleann pipe chanter
  • Stop key on chanter
  • Premium bellows -- beautiful, comfortable, and air-efficient
  • Handmade leather Uilleann pipe bag
  • Stock plug, allows you to remove drones and play a simpler, more compact instrument
  • Cane Uilleann chanter reed
  • Ezeedrone Uilleann drone reeds
  • Green bag cover
  • Upgradeable to a full set (with regulators)
  • Includes Fred Morrison pipe case
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