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McCallum Poly Folk Pipes

Brand: McCallum BagpipesSKU: MCFP


McCallum Poly Folk Pipes - Smallpipes in the Key of "A"

The Folk Pipes are great-sounding, reliable Poly smallpipes with significant reed and system upgrades. Like the Highland pipes, Folk Pipes have a bass drone and two tenor drones positioned over the shoulder. The pipes are engineered for excellent sound, which is enhanced by the premium cane chanter reed and specialty Ezeedrone single-blade drone reeds. The pipe bag has a zipper, allowing easy access to the complete moisture control system and drone valves inside. The pipes come with a tailored black cover and matching drone cords. Overall, this instrument delivers a sound much more complex than its simple appearance suggests. Made in Scotland.


Features of the McCallum Folk Pipes:
  • Durable Poly construction
  • Key of "A"
  • Deluxe cane chanter reed for smallpipes*
  • Ezeedrone drone reeds
  • Synthetic zippered pipe bag
  • Bag cover as supplied by McCallum
  • Silk drone cords as supplied by McCallum
  • Chanter reed protector
  • Drone valves
  • Complete moisture control system

*Note: The cane chanter reed is delicate, and there is not much clearance in the chanter stock. You'll want to take extreme care when removing and inserting the chanter; it would be easy to knick the corners.

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