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Bellows Blown Fred Morrison Reelpipes in “A” with Drone Switch (Includes Case!)

Brand: Fred Morrison, McCallum BagpipesSKU: FM-RP-BB


Bellows Blown Fred Morrison Blackwood Reelpipes in "A" 

The Reelpipes are simultaneously described as "bold" and "sweet." And those adjectives fit perfectly. The Reelpipes are full and loud, perfect for standing out in a Celtic music group. Despite their size, the Reelpipes are pitched higher than smaller smallpipes, and there's a wee alto drone that lifts the sound further. So, bold and sweet is pretty accurate. You may also hear the Reelpipes referred to as Border pipes, as they are designed in that style. You will love the comfortable padded bellows that come with this set and the way they respond to your arm movement. With the drone switch feature, you can bring the drones in when you like. The drone switch is especially helpful if this is your first bellows pipe. You can practice using the bellows with just the chanter, getting a feel for the the new technique and working on stability. The bellows system is dry and doesn't require any moisture control equipment. The bellows reelpipe is ready for for pub gathering or concert stage. And it comes with a pipe case!

Video of Fred demonstrating the Bellows Reelpipes

Features of Bellows Blown Fred Morrison  Reelpipes in "A"
  • Set up by Fred Morrison
  • Blackwood construction
  • Premium bellows -- beautiful, comfortable, and air-efficient
  • Alloy mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Imitation ivory drone tops
  • 3 Drones - Bass, Tenor, and Alto
  • Drone switch
  • Canmore Synthetic zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty drone reeds
  • Cane Reelpipe chanter reed
  • Green bag cover
  • Blackwood chanter
  • Includes McCallum pipe case
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