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McCallum AB4D Bagpipes: Black Mounts – Irish



The Irish pattern combines Celtic knots and small shamrocks for a special and distinct look. This model features lots of engraved alloy, which resists tarnish and is not plated. It is also fitted with Blackwood projecting mounts, which have become extremely popular in contemporary pipe styles. The set comes with a matching adjustable Poly blowstick that allows for a comfortable custom fit and is safe from moisture damage, and the Poly pipe chanter has an engraved alloy sole. Blackwood blowsticks are available by special order. Made in Scotland.

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You'll receive a ready-to-play bagpipe, built to support your success. We include a complete modern set up with special touches, like a premium bag cover with zipper access and a crisp-looking end closure. We'll make sure your bagpipe fits you, professionally install the components you choose, and play the finished instrument to ensure you're delighted. It's all part of our Bagpipe Promise and Inspection Checklist. Have questions? We're here to help!

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