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MusicNomad F-ONE Tech Size Bore Oil 8oz

Brand: MusicNomadSKU: MNFONE


This large bottle of bore oil is a huge plus, if you're oiling multiple instruments! The applicator makes it easy to saturate a soft brush and get great coverage. The oil is designed specifically for untreated Rosewood--Blackwood is a type of Rosewood and bores are unfinished. The formula is a complex mixture of the finest ultra-refined tree and seed oils, which seal, condition and protect your wood.  100% free of lemon extracts, petroleum, waxes, silicone, and water.  Works great on any wooden bore instrument and unfinished wooden parts. The revolutionary formula penetrates and conditions the wood to dry fast and give it a new look for months.  Give your wood its life back!  MusicNomad products are used worldwide by musicians, repair shops, collectors & instrument makers.

  • 100% Natural Organic Oils
  • Amazing smell!
  • Fine applicator
  • Petroleum Free
  • Made in USA
  • Pro size
  • 8 oz