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Multi-Reed Case for Smallpipe Reeds

Brand: ProtecSKU: MRC


Multi-Reed Smallpipe Reed Case

Smallpipe reeds need extra protection, and this case holds up to 5 reeds safely. In addition to smallpipe reeds, the case also accommodates wide-blade practice chanter reeds, like Gibsons and Abbotts. The blade area is lined with foam on both sides of the case. A notched foam strip keeps the reeds separated. The case also keeps reeds dry, with an airflow area at the hinge. Bellows smallpipe reeds and practice reeds should be kept dry (unlike pipe chanter reeds). Because of the airflow, this is not a case for regular cane Highland pipe chanter reeds, which should have some humidity.

Features of the Multi-Reed Case
  • Dry reed storage with airflow
  • Fits smallpipe reeds and wide-blade practice chanter reeds
  • Holds up to 5 reeds
  • Sleek, sturdy design