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Tone Protector Humidity Packet Refills – 84% (Pack of 10)

Brand: Tone ProtectorSKU: TP-REP


Tone Protector Humidity Packet Refills (Pack of 10)



With 10 refill packets, you'll have a spare at the ready whenever your Tone Protector requires one. 84% is the recommended humidity pack replacement for Tone Protector Reed Protectors. Be sure to keep the replacements in a tightly sealed bag, so they remain active. To install the packet, squeeze the soft rubber body of the Tone Protector and remove the digital cap. Then, fold and wrap the 2-way packet in the interior channel. Packets will last longer in moist climates and when the pipes are played frequently.

Features of the Tone Protector Refill Pack:

  • Long-lasting supply of 10 refill packets
  • 84% humidity
  • No water or granules
  • Non-toxic, food-safe materials
  • Provides 2-way humidification
  • Made in the USA