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Piper’s Pal Pipe Chanter Reed Case



Piper's Pal Pipe Chanter Reed Case

Piper's love finding a great reed, so taking care of these reeds is important.  The Piper's Pal reed box holds 4 chanter reeds in this sturdy, compact case.  Charcoal and crystals inside the case absorbs moisture when reeds are wet and provides moisture when reeds are dry.  The case fits nicely in any pipe case.

With the Piper's Pal Reed Case, your reeds will:  

  • Always be ready to play
  • Stabilize quickly and remain stable when playing
  • Keep indefinitely be restored to playing condition in minutes
  • Break in more quickly with less effort
  • Resist mold and mildew
  • Last longer

A recharge kit for the Piper's Pal case is availalable.