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Wall-Mount Bagpipe Display Hooks

Brand: String SwingSKU: WALL2


Wall-Mount Bagpipe Display Hooks

Your bagpipe will look great on these! The Black Walnut blocks coordinate nicely with the pipes, for a stylish and convenient way to display pipes in your living room, studio, office--anywhere. The 2-hook system holds one bagpipe. Ideally, you'll mount each block on a stud, then hang the bass drone across the hooks. The other drones will drape nicely by the cords, and the bag will be suspended. You can rest the blowpipe and/or chanter on the hooks to finish the display.

Why we love it:

These USA-made hooks have minimalist appeal and upgraded wood blocks that complement your pipes

Features of the Wall-Mount Bagpipe Display Hooks

  • Hang pipes with bass drone across horizontal across the 2 hooks
  • Holds one bagpipe
  • Black walnut wood blocks
  • High-density rubber-coated hooks
  • Hang on studs for security
  • Made in the USA
  • 2 Hooks and Hardware included