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MusicNomad Blowpipe Cleaning Kit

Brand: MusicNomadSKU: MNBCK


MusicNomad Blowpipe Cleaning Kit

This 3-piece blowpipe cleaning kit can tackle cleaning the whole blowpipe. The 2-in-1 mouthpiece brush comfortably and effectively cleans the mouthpiece tip and bulb. The flexible double-ended pull through brush is perfect for pulling through the blowpipe to remove icky residue--just be sure to pull in the direction the valve opens, from top to bottom. While you're cleaning your bagpipe blowpipe, head over to your practice chanter top, and brush out the top with the wider brush. All of the bristles are just the right stiffness for the task. Made for trumpets but perfect for bagpipes!

Why we love it: 

This promotes a safe, healthy bagpipe that is a pleasure to come back to each day.

  • 3-brush set to keep mouthpieces and blowpipes clean and fresh
  • Compact 2-in-1 design for complete mouthpiece cleaning for pipes and practice chanters
  • Ergonomic, effective tools
  • Compact design