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McCallum Blackwood Smallpipes in “A” with Celtic Engraving

Brand: McCallum BagpipesSKU: MBSPA3


McCallum Blackwood Smallpipes in "A" with Celtic Engraving

McCallum smallpipes not only sound terrific, they look beautiful and they come with an abundance of deluxe features, from wood chanter to special EzeeDrone reeds and moisture control systems. These mouthblown smallpipes are all Blackwood, including the blowstick, the drones, the stocks, and the chanter. The wood is ornamented with engraved nickel ferrules, the mouthpiece has an engraved nickel mouthtube with bulb, and the drones all have a mopani wood accent at the end. There are 3 drones--a bass, a baritone, and a tenor--all coming from a single stock. When these smallpipes are played, the drones come across the front of the body. Ease of care, quality, reliability, and playability were clearly on the minds of the designers creating these smallpipes, as evidenced by all of the fantastic extras.

Features of McCallum Smallpipes in A:
  • Blackwood construction
  • Nickel mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Mopani drone tops
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty drone reeds
  • Cane chanter reed
  • Blackwood Fred Morrison chanter with nickel sole
  • Special Highland Reeds Chanter Moisture Control System
  • Special Highland Reeds Drone Stock Moisture Control System

Note: We recommend a full-size pipe case for this instrument for the best fit and protection.

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