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Korg Clip-on Orchestral Tuner for Smallpipes



Korg Clip-on Orchestral Tuner for Smallpipes

This safe clip-on chromatic tuner is great for smallpipes in A, with drones across the front. The tuner screen swivels, so you can see it on your drones and chanter. The controls are simple and easy, with no tiny buttons to press. The tuning helps with tuning drones and can be used to tunes notes on the chanter, as well. If you want to practice maintaining a steady pressure, play and watch the tuner display for feedback. A battery is included, so the tuner will be ready to use when it arrives.

Smallpipe Drone Tuning Basics
  • Bass and tenor = A 440
  • Baritone = E
Chanter Notes
  • Low and High A = A 440
  • C on the chanter = C# on the tuner
  • E on the chanter = E on the tuner
Features of the Korg Clip-on Orchestral Tuner for Smallpipes
  • Lightweight chromatic tuner
  • Super-flexible pivot so can position the screen for chanter or drone
  • Rubber-lined clip that fits many diameters
  • Easy-to-use left and right shuttle switches
  • Calibration for
  • Speed setting: fast or slow
  • Single AAA battery for 100 hours of operation
  • Battery included