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Kilt Pin Birlinn West Highland Galley

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Kilt Pin Birlinn West Highland Galley

These cast pewter kilt pins combine authenticity, durability, and detail. The Western Isles were once glued together by little ships, the Birlinns. These were a long-lived adaptation of the old Viking longships, with the important addition of a rudder at the back. These fast, lightweight boats were perfectly adapted for life in the west. The Birlinn often appears in Scottish heraldry under the name "Lymphad." The casting process creates a solid kilt pin, made to stand up to regular use. Kilt pins are worn on the top layer of the kilt. Made in Scotland.
Features of Gaelic Themes Kilt Pins:

  • Hand-finished cast pewter
  • Lead-free
  • Pin back
  • Approximate dimensions: 1.4" wide x 3.9" long