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In-Line Valves for Ross Canister System

Brand: Lyons/MooseSKU: LIV


Lyons In-Line Valves for the Ross Canister System

Lyons In-Line Drone Valves work with the Ross Canister System. The moisture control system regulates humidity, while the in-line valves regulate airflow to the drones for clearer strike-ins and cut-offs. Unlike other drone valves, which are inserted in the drone stocks, the in-line valves are installed on the canister. The actual valve end fits in the canister system tubing, and the clear plastic end on the in-line valves fit over the plastic projections on the canister lid. Installation instructions are included, along with an adjustment key.

Note: Make tiny adjustments with the key; a little will go a long way.

Lyons In-Line Drone Valves require a zippered pipe bag and Ross Canister style system for installation.