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HTS 800 Premier Snare Drums with Polished Aluminum – 4 Standard Colors

Brand: Premier DrumsSKU: HTS800


Premier HTS 800 Pipe Band Snare Drums with Polished Aluminum

The HTS 800, like its predecessors, has a firmly established record of prize-winning performance. It delivers the projection, tone, and clarity pipe bands want. Plus, it looks great on the field and comes in 4 lacquer finishes. Snares can easily be adjusted for the right sound and pitch. The bottom snare tension is adjusted using a key, to help it stay set longer.

Features of the HTS 800 Pipe Band Snare Drum:
  • 6mm 6-ply Birch shell
  • Free-floating shell
  • Lacquered shell interior
  • Die-Cast polished aluminum hoops
  • "Blasted Chrome" down tubes
  • 24-Wire top and bottom snares
  • Carry hook
  • Easy carry snare guard
  • Lustrous lacquer finish
  • Premier logo
  • Remo Cybermax batter head
  • Includes complimentary Heavy Duty drum key
  • Drum weight: 16.4 lbs

Available in Ebony Black Lacquer, Emerald Green Lacquer, Flame Red Lacquer, and Sapphire Blue Lacquer.