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Highland Reeds Chanter Moisture Control System

Brand: Highland ReedsSKU: HRCMCS


Highland Reeds Chanter Moisture Control System

The Highland Reeds Chanter Moisture Control System offers simple, lightweight protection for your pipe chanter reed. Air that goes to the chanter reed comes from the rear of the bag and passes through a low-dust silicon desiccant before reaching the reed. Protected from the moistest, warmest air, your chanter reed can perform at its best, and you can play longer. This moisture control product is easily installed in the base of the chanter stock; simply wind the end with some waxed hemp until it fits securely.

Benefits of the Highland Reeds Chanter Moisture Control System:

  • Lightweight design
  • Silicon granules
  • Play longer
  • Customize intensity by adjusting amount of granules
  • Compatible with the Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System
  • Simple installation, removal, and care

Note: A zippered pipe bag is required for installation. This product is installed in the chanter stock.