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Tone Protector for Bass Drone – Blue

Brand: Tone ProtectorSKU: TP-BASS-BL


Tone Protector for Bass Drone - Blue



Many pipers appreciate the harmonics of a cane bass drone reed, but keeping the reed performance-ready can be challenging. The Tone Protector for bass drones keeps your cane bass reed protected, humidified, and ready to play. The digital display on the Tone Protector shows temperature and humidity readings, allowing you to see the results and and know when to replace the 2-way humidification packet. To install the packet, squeeze the soft rubber body of the Tone Protector and remove the digital cap. Then, fold and wrap the 2-way packet in the interior channel. Packets will last longer in moist climates and when the pipes are played frequently. Designed by Jori Chisholm of

Features of the Drone Tone Protector:

  • Provides humidification, playability, and stability for a cane bass drone reed
  • Digital display of humidity and temperature
  • No water or granules
  • Easy to use
  • Non-toxic, food-safe materials 
  • Includes 2 x 2-way humidification packets
  • Battery installed and spare included
  • Instructions included
  • Replacement packets available