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Frazer Warnock Child’s Size Practice Chanter

Brand: Warnock BagpipesSKU: FWCC


Frazer Warnock Child Size Practice Chanter

To accommodate children's hands, the holes on this practice chanter are closer together. The closer holes make the pitch slightly higher than a standard practice chanter, which makes it harder to play together with an adult. But for young people who want to make a good start and require the tighter spacing, this is a good option. Frazer Warnock practice chanters are made from the highest quality acetal and are crafted in Northern Ireland.

Features of the
Frazer Warnock Child Size Practice Chanter

  • Overall length 16-5/8"
  • Durable construction
  • Hemped joint
  • Countersunk holes
  • Includes 1 Frazer Warnock reed

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