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Dunbar Child’s Size Poly Practice Chanter



Dunbar Child's Size Polypenco Practice Chanter

The Dunbar Child's Size Practice Chanter is the most popular of the 2 children's practice chanters we offer. The Dunbar children's chanter is a 3/4 length with standard note hole spacing. This makes it easier for an instructor--or mom, dad, older brother or sister-- to tune with the student. The standard note spacing also helps the beginning piper to adjust to standard bagpipe fingering.  All practice chanters include a reed.

Features of the Dunbar Children's Poly Practice Chanter:

  • Overall length 15.25"
  • Durable Polypenco construction
  • Standard note hole spacing
  • Countersunk holes
  • Hempless O-ring seal
  • Includes 1 reed

Note:  Dunbar Children's Practice Chanters are especially compatible with Walsh and Warnock practice chanters.

Compare the Dunbar Child's Size Practice Chanter with another children's chanter: The other option is made by McCallum. This model is actually longer overall than the other Child size, however the finger spread is more similar to a "D" chanter, making the note holes closer together. Although not impossible, it is more difficult to match the pitch of the chanter due to the note hole configuration.