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Collection of Traditional and Contemporary Irish Music Vol 4 – Tully



Traditional and Contemporary Irish Bagpipe Music Vol 4 by Terry Tully

Published shortly after Pipe Major Tully led St. Laurence O'Toole to their historic Worlds win, this collection features tunes and arrangements by Terry, with contributions from a number of current and former SLOT members.  The collection is packed with 84 tunes, with an emphasis on traditional Irish pieces. Many of the tunes are on St. Laurence O'Toole's 2005 CD Dawning of the Day. This is a great collection to play on your smallpipes, too. 2010.

Contents of Terry Tully's Volume 4 Book:

Marches Airs
The Dawning of the Day O Bhean A 'Ti
Shane O'Neill's The Irish Sea
The Men of the West Down by the Seaside
The Bogs of Waul Taim Breoite go Leor
Pipe Major Charles Timmers The March of King Laois
Mrs. Patricia Wozencroft Jigs
Welcome Home Grainne The Girl form Dungannon
The Brass Pipes The Scenic Route
Teddy O'Neill The Driver
Enniskillen Dragoons Alen's Lucky Stone
Waltzes McAleer's Jig
Give Us a Song Shelly's Jig
Condon's Frolics The Battering Ram
Auston Tierney's The Lilting Fisherman
Reels The Lark in the Morning
The Spinner's Delight Molly Quinlan's
The Woman of the House The Old Hag Around the Corner
Buttevante Castle Give Us a Song
The Morning Dew The Top of Cork Road
Dave's Dilemma The Nightcap
Micko's Reel Young Patrick Carr
The Dark Girl in Blue Bill Harte's
Welcome Home Grainne Bailey's Nuts
The Monaghan Twig Welcome Home Grainne
The Maid Behind the Bar The Dutchman and the Grasshopper
Foot the Turf Austin Tierney's
Knocknagow Jim Cooley's
Happy Days of Easter The Donegal Lass
My Mother's Small Pet Montague's
The Templeglantine Reel Hornpipes
The Glass of Beer The Girl from Dungannon
Tear the Calico Joe Cooley's
The Roscommon Reel Give Us Another Song
Stranded in Scotland The Ring of Dreams
The Concertina Reel Will You Ever Go Home
O'Dwyer's Reel Merrily Danced the Quaker's Wife
The Wind That Shakes The Barley The Strutting Jig
Mullin's Fancy The Semi Colon
The Kesh Reel The Big Yin
The Primrose Lass Patsy Geary's
Polkas The New Crossroads
As I Went out upon the Ice The Popular Girl
Sweeney's Kitty Magee
Tureengarbh Glen The Meniscus
Micky Chewing Bubble Gum