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Boveda Starter Kit for Musical Instruments – Large

Brand: BovedaSKU: BOVMFK-LG


Boveda Starter Kit for Musical Instruments - Large

This starter kit helps you keep 1 or 2 pipes or smallpipes humidified, which prevents cracks, keeps hemp tight, and keeps mounts secure. With 2 fabric pouches and 4 Boveda packs, you could use this in one pipe case or 2 cases, depending on the humidity in your house. In most places, the packs will last 2-3 months. There's no water to add or level to monitor, just replace the packs when they dry out. The special leak-resistant lining of the Boveda Fabric Holder lets Boveda’s pure water vapor achieve and maintain a constant relative humidity (RH) range of 45% to 55%—the safe zone for wood instruments. Simply Place the Boveda Size 70 into the holder and place it in your instrument case: it's that easy.
Features of the Boveda Starter Kit for Large Musical Instruments

  • Includes 4 x Boveda 49% 70g packs
  • 2-way humidity control
  • 2 Boveda fabric holders (holds up to 2 Boveda packs each)
  • Leak resistant pouch
  • Soft fabric
  • Non-toxic
  • No mess
  • Individual pack dimensions: 5.25" x 3.5"
  • Made in the USA