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Begg Cowhide Pipe Bags with Swan Neck



Begg Cowhide Pipe Bags with Swan Neck

These hand-stitched cowhide bags are made by James Begg, a well-known bag maker with decades of experience. Leather bags absorb moisture naturally, while also preventing pipes from drying out too much between practices. Hide bags also provide a stable comfortable feel and will form to the player with time. Made in Scotland. Bag colors vary and may be different than pictured.

Features of 
Begg Cowhide Pipe Bags:

  • Swan neck for comfortable chanter position
  • Longevity of 3-4 years
  • Comfortable, sturdy feel
  • Made from select hides
  • No holes for custom cut and tie-in
  • All hand made and hand stitched
  • Minimum 6 hours work put into each pipe bag
  • Hanging loop for seasoning
  • Available in 4 sizes: Small, Standard, Medium, Large - Standard is the most popular