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TyFry Ultimate Practice Mallets

Brand: TyFrySKU: TFPM-NW


TyFry Ultimate Practice Mallets by Tyler Fry

TyFry Practice mallets promote good, productive practice sessions, while potentially prolonging the life of your performance mallets by saving them from tabletop use. The laces can be changed from round to flat by removing the white inner core.

Features of the TyFry Ultimate Practice Mallets:

  • Great for table-top practice
  • Robust head, vacuum-bonded for durability
  • Balance and responsiveness of a regular tenor drum mallet
  • Injection molded acetal shaft
  • Suitable for use with drum pads
  • Promotes proper wrist and finger control for improving proper flourish technique
  • TyFry Ultimate logo on mallet heads
  • White lace core can be left in for round cords or pulled out for flat laces