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Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reed – Out of Stock

Brand: Shepherd BagpipesSKU: SCR


Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reeds - Easy, Easy/Medium, and Medium/Hard

The classic molded Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reed is a tried and tested reed among top bands and soloists.

What Shepherd Says about Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reeds: "Our superior production methods and strict quality control at each stage of manufacture (10 stages in total) ensure that the length of the Shepherd reed remains constant in relation to its other variables. The end result - a unique reed produced and finished by a combination of dedicated craftsmen and advanced machinery techniques and providing greater efficiency, easy adjustment for weaker blowers and easy adjustment to raise pitch. This consistency makes it easier to manipulate the reed for the required strength and still maintained its desired consistency of pitch and vibrancy."
We believe a great reed should be easy to find. We store and select reeds with care. For pipe chanter and practice chanter reed details and compatibility, see our Reed Chart.