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Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reed for B Flat Pipe Chanters

Brand: Shepherd BagpipesSKU: SCR-BF


Shepherd B Flat Pipe Chanter Reed - Easy, Easy-Medium

The molded B Flat Shepherd Pipe Chanter Reed is perfectly suited to the Shepherd B Flat Orchestral Pipe Chanter, and is also compatible with other B Flat chanters. Standard reeds will also work in B Flat chanters, but this reed is more plug-and-play. Using a B Flat chanter reed is not enough to make a standard pitch chanter perform in B Flat. However, this reed may also be a good fit for pre-1970's vintage flatter chanters. Made in Scotland with Shepherd technical precision and consistency.

We believe a great reed should be easy to find. We store and select reeds with care. For pipe chanter and practice chanter reed details and compatibility, see our Reed Chart.


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