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Ross Suede-Feel Pipe Bags with Zipper


Ross Suede-Feel Synthetic Zipper Pipe Bags

The Ross bag has a suede-like, red exterior that offers good grip and, plus vibrance and harmonics. It's heavier than most synthetic bags, but lighter than hybrids. The bag requires no seasoning and is virtually maintenance free. Plus, it's more hygienic and has a longer lifespan than most hide bags. The zipper is easier to pull and requires only a dab of lubricant at the end. The zipper is angled for minimum contact with your arm.

Features of the Ross Suede-Feel Zipper Pipe Bag:

  • Red, suede-feel exterior offers helpful friction
  • Bag feel similar to hide or sheepskin
  • Reliable synthetic material
  • Smooth seams
  • Angled zipper positioning for convenience
  • T-zip, easy-pull zipper access
  • Ross logo and size printed in gold
  • Easy installation
  • Includes 1 clamp and 1 rubber sleeve for chanter stock
  • Includes zipper lubricant
  • Available in 5 sizes (Extended Small is the most popular)
  • 2 year warranty on the bag

Installation Tip:  Over-tightening the clamp can damage the chanter stock.