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RGH Flexi-Stik Blowstick – Imitation Ivory Mount

Brand: RG Hardie & Peter HendersonSKU: SKFS


RG Hardie Flexi-Stick Ball Joint Blowstick with Imitation Ivory
The Flexi-Stick allows you to customize both the length and angle of the blowstick for more comfortable piping. This version has an imitation ivory mount. Made by RG Hardie in Scotland.
Features of the Flexi-Stick Blowpipe:

  • Swivel ball-joint adjustment
  • Includes 2 blowpipe lengths to adjust from 8.25" to 12" (measured straight, from base of mount to tip of mouthpiece)
  • Durable combed and beaded Poly
  • Comes with 2 mouthpieces: round opening and flat/oval opening
  • Wide bore
  • Internal Airstream valve
  • Imitation ivory mount