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Protec Bagpipe Swab

Brand: ProtecSKU: PROSWAB


Protec Bagpipe Swab

The Protec swab is an excellent microfiber drying or cleaning tool. It's a perfect fit for larger drone sections. The long, double-ended ribbon is firmly affixed and makes pulling through a cinch. Designed for clarinets, it's a great tool for Highland bagpipes. It even comes with a storage pouch to tuck into your pipe case.

Features of the Protec Swab:

  • Lint-free microfiber cloth
  • Machine washable
  • Fits drone tops, stocks, and bass mid-section (You could purchase an additional swab and trim the fabric to fit lower joints)
  • Non-abrasive weighted ribbon
  • Strong and secure ribbon cord
  • Pull through for drying or oiling
  • Mesh storage pouch
  • Approximate cloth dimensions: 13.5" x 4.75"   Total length: 47"