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MusicNomad 2-in-1 Mouthpiece Brush

Brand: MusicNomadSKU: MNMB


This is the mouthpiece brush you need to keep your bagpipe mouthpiece clean, fresh, and free of debris. From top to bottom, no detail is overlooked with this innovative 2-in-1 design. The extra long, skinny brush lets you clean the entire mouthpiece tip and is also ideal for practice chanters. Turn the brush around and use the  wide bristles to clean the bagpipe mouthpiece bulb. It's the perfect brush fiber stiffness to safely and effectively scrub, inside and out. Protective bumpers on each end keep the metal from scratching your finish. You will really appreciate the ergonomic handle that makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Compact 2-in-1 design for complete mouthpiece cleaning for pipes and practice chanters
  • Ergonomic handle for effective and comfortable cleaning
  • Premium medium stiff fibers are the perfect tensile strength for effective cleaning of grime & saliva
  • Protective bumper tips on both ends to protect your instrument
  • Works on round and oval mouthpieces
  • Approximate overall length 7.5"