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Music Nomad Premium Humidity Care System – Humidifier & Reader

Brand: MusicNomadSKU: MNPHCS


Music Nomad Premium Humidity Care System - Humidifier and Humidity Reader

The ultimate Humidity Care System is an all-in-one humidification package, perfect for bagpipes. They key is the combination of a humidifier and a humidity reader. You need something to add moisture to your pipe case, and you also need to monitor humidity levels to make sure they don't drop too low.  In this case, the humidifier uses a special dripless sponge. The HumiReader accurately measures humidity and temperature.  It also gives you the maximum and minimum range over the period you are measuring and can be reset at any time. The HumiReader comes with a case holster that has a strong adhesive backing to stick to your case, or you can place it in a mesh pocket, behind a case strap, etc, like the humidifier. Humidification is important to keep wood stable and is the best things you can do to prevent pipes from cracking.
Features of the Music Nomad Premium Humidity Care System :

  • Humidify and monitor humidity and temperature
  • Sensor reads temperature and humidity every 20 seconds
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Safe zone is printed on reader as a reminder
  • Tuck units in mesh pockets, behind straps, or some other safe case location
  • AG 13 battery
  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance, re-usable sponge
  • Anti-drip, n0-mess material
  • Sponge holds 10x its weight in water and safely releases moisture
  • Replacement Humid-i-Bar sponges available
  • Humidifier approximate dimensions: 4" x 3" x 1"
  • HumidiReader approximate dimensions: 3" x 3" x 1"