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MG Carbon White Mamba Drone Reeds

Brand: McCallum BagpipesSKU: MGWM


MG Carbon White Mamba Drone Reeds
MG Carbon reeds are designed to deliver stability and tone and have been nicknamed White Mambas. The plastic bodies and carbon fiber tongues help play through moisture. The powerful sound of carbon fiber is softened in the tenors, with a specially shaped tongue. This results in better balance between bass and tenors. Designed and manufactured by Rory Grosart, in partnership with McCallum Bagpipes.

Features of MG White Carbon Drone Reeds:

  • Plastic reed bodies
  • All carbon fiber tongues for tonal quality
  • Contoured tenor tongues for mellower, balanced sound
  • Flat rubber bridles for secure settings
  • Locking pitch adjuster screws