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McCallum Bellows Smallpipes with Celtic Engraving – with Drone Switch

Brand: McCallum BagpipesSKU: BBSPA4


McCallum Bellows Blackwood Smallpipes in "A" with Celtic Engraving

McCallum bellows smallpipes sound terrific, look beautiful, and come with an abundance of deluxe features: a cane chanter reed, specialty Ezeedrone drone reeds, a Blackwood chanter, and premium bellows. The pipes are ornamented with engraved nickel and Mopani drone accents. There are 3 drones--a bass, a baritone, and a tenor--all coming from a single stock. The adapter that connects the pipes and the bellows is sturdy and thoughtfully designed. The bellows are made with top-quality materials and operate comfortably and efficiently. This model also includes a switch to turn the drones off for performance on the chanter alone. The switch also happens to be very helpful if you're accustomed to playing a mouthblown instrument, allowing you a chance to work with the chanter before bringing all of the drones into the system. Developed with Fred Morrison. Made in Scotland.

Features of Bellows Blown McCallum Smallpipes in A:
  • All Blackwood construction
  • Nickel mounts with Celtic engraving
  • Mopani drone tops
  • Engraved nickel mouthpiece accent
  • Bannatyne zipper pipe bag
  • Reliable EzeeDrone specialty drone reeds
  • Cane chanter reed
  • Fred Morrison Blackwood chanter
  • Custom velvet bag cover
  • Drone switch
  • Premium bellows
  • Padded bellows and arm strap

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