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Kilpatrick Snare Drum Carrier – Standard



Kilpatrick Snare Drum Carrier - Standard

The lightweight Kilpatrick carrier is known for its support and adjustability. The center contour hinge adjusts easily for a custom fit in front. Once the bracket is mounted on your drum, it's easy to lift the drum on and off the carrier. Designed by world champion drummer Jim Kilpatrick.

Features of the Kilpatrick Snare Carrier :
  • Lightweight alumininum tubes
  • Contour center hinge
  • Padded shoulders and torso plate
  • Adjustable shoulders, back bar, torso plate height, drum height, drum angle
  • Polycarbonate belly plate
  • Starship bracket with height adjustment
  • Good airflow
  • Gender friendly
  • Age friendly
  • Assembly required
  • Carrier can be folded in half for easy transport
  • Includes mount for Pearl and Premier snares (adaptor available for Andante snares)


It's a good idea to have drum key and the appropriate Allen wrenches on hand for fine-tuning.

Because of all the metal-to-metal contacts, these carriers often have some cosmetic imperfections from shipping and assembly.