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InTune Mic: Clip-On Microphone with USB-C



InTune Mic: Clip-On Microphone with USB-C

InTune Clip-On Microphones allow you to tune your pipes easily and wirelessly with your favorite bagpipe tuning app.  This version has a USB-C connector, for use with Android phones and newer iPads. The clip mic can be attached to a pipe chanter or drones.

Features of the InTune Microphone
  • The USB-C connector works with Android phones, newer iPads, and other devices
  • Plug and play with your Android phone and favorite tuning app
  • 60-foot wireless connection with super low latency for fast app response
  • Adjustable mic position
  • Background noise reduction
  • Tune each member of the pipe band, even while everyone is playing
  • Includes a carrying case with carabiner to keep your InTune Mic and charging cable safe and at hand
  • Universal instrument clip attaches up to 1.10 inches/28mm, for us on chanters or drones
  • Power button on microphone turns on/off with long press.  Short press mutes the microphone.
  • Indicator lights on microphone and receiver show power on

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