Installation of Hide Bag on McCallum Bellows Set



Installation of Hide Bag on McCallum Bellows Set

As a preium upgrade on your McCallum Bellows Smallpipes, we can install a purpose-made Begg smallpipe hide bag. The hide provides comfort, balance, and even greater resonance. We'll remove the synthetic bag, cut holes for the stock and bellows, season with Airtight, and test for airtightness. The original bag will be returned to you, as a back-up. The bag requires a light seasoning for installation, but should not require regular seasoning after.

Installation Includes:

  • Removal of previous pipe bag
  • Return of previous pipe bag
  • Cutting of holes
  • Tie-in of hide smallpipe bag
  • Seasoning with Hardie's Airtight
  • Test for airtightness

This is only for Begg hide smallpipe bags purchased at Hendersons, fitted on McCallum Bellows Smallpipes. The bag is not for mouthblown sets, and is made specifically for McCallum instruments.