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In Your Hands: Essential Guide to Pipe Band Drumming



This complete drumming tutor starts at the beginning and builds to skills needed to be play with a competing pipe band. David Henderson and David Ross of D2 Percussion, the writers, have both played in Grade 1 pipe bands and with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers. The layout and photos are clear, and the book is packed with exercises, rudiments, scores, and more. This is a substantial book instructional book and valuable reference for pipe band drummers.

Stage 1: In the Beginning

Basic Technique and Notation

Stage 2: Sticks in Hands 

Exercises and Key Rudiments

Stage 3: On a Roll  

Buzzing and Rolling, Basic Scotland the Brave

Stage 4: Triplets 

Triplets, More Rolls, Highland Laddie

Stage 5: Gracing 

Embellishments, Flams, Drags, 3/4 Marches

Stage 6: Massed Bands

 Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree, Compound Time, 6/8 March

Stage 7: Phrasing  

Accented Rolls, Single Stroke Exercises, Teribus, The Piper's Cave

Stage 8: The M.A.P Set 

Advanced Rudiments, Advanced Simple Time Exercises, 2/4 March Set

Stage 9: Dance Tunes  

Strathspey Idiom and Exercises, Reel Idiom and Exercises, Multiple Scores

Stage 10: Favorites

Highland Cathedral, Flower of Scotland, Amazing Grace, Drum Fanfare