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Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System with Valves

Brand: Highland ReedsSKU: HRMCS2


Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System

In addition to being highly effective, the Highland Reeds system stands out as convertible and compact. This drone moisture control system comes with a desiccant cartridge for each drone, screw-adjustable drone valves, and flexible rubber connectors for drone stocks. When used as a whole, the system reduces the amount of moisture reaching the drone reeds and simultaneously regulates airflow to the reeds. So you get improved stability and cleaner stops and starts. You can choose to use only the drone valves or only the moisture control components, and you have the option to insall with the rubber connectors or with hemp.

Features of the Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System:

  • Keeps drone reeds stable and dry, so you can play longer
  • Installs in drone stocks
  • Convertible and customizable
  • Silicon granules
  • More consistent air pressure
  • Removable drone valves
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Includes 3 rubber connectors, 3 cartridges, drone valves, and valve removal/replacement key

Note: A zippered pipe bag is required for installation