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Gannaway Hide Pipe Bags with Zipper & Rubber Collars

Brand: GannawaySKU: GZC


Gannaway Zipper Hide Pipe Bag with Rubber Collars (No tie-in)

With this version of the popular Gannaway pipe bag, you can get the benefits of a hide bag, like moisture control, more balanced feel, and greater control over stops and starts, without having to tie the bag on. Plus, this bag has a zipper access that allows installation moisture control products and drone valves, as well as easier care and maintenance of the bag. The bag is all hide, with added rubber collars for the blowstick and drone stocks. The bag should be installed completely with hose clamps, although it is sometimes thought best to tie the chanter stock in. Gannaway's Highlander Pipe Bag Dressing (sold separately) should be used with this bag and promotes moisture control. Made in New Zealand.

Features of the Gannaway Hide Bag with Zipper & Collars:

  • Cowhide leather
  • Tanned with special formula that promotes moisture control
  • Comfortable shape with swan neck
  • Double-glued seams
  • Angled airtight T-zip zipper
  • Rubber collars for easiest installation
  • Includes latex-based primer for sealing bag
  • Includes clamps, zipper lubricant, and instructions
  • 2-year warranty
Available in 5 Sizes (Approximate Dimensions)
  • Small - 9.5" x 25.5"
  • Extended Small - 9.5" x 28"
  • Medium - 10.5" x 26"
  • Extended Medium - 10.5" x 28"
  • Large - 11.5" x 28.5"

(The standard Medium is slightly small, relative to Medium in other brands. To fit the Ross Canister System comfortably with this bag, select the Extended Medium.)


Be careful not to overtighten the clamps, especially on wood stocks. The bag will also need to be dressed with Gannaway's glycerin-based Highlander Pipe Bag Dressing - Available Separately.